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Customised  and transformation containers

for events  &  road  shows

We are exclusively dedicated to the RENTAL of recycled and transformed sea containers, specially designed for the world of events. Customisable and adaptable to the specific requirements of very event . We help you to materialise your idea, we take care of the entire production process, including the signage and logistics management with a professional and quality service. They all include high-quality finishes, sound and led lighting                       .    KUBIKAT, AN ALL-IN-ONE CONCEPT

All our models are inpired by the philosophy of SUSTAINABLE EPHEMERAL ARCHITECTURE. They are the result of a firm commitment to R&D&Idesigned by and for the brands. They are MOBILE structures with multiple and immediate advantages: sustainability, innovation, cost-saving, reliability, visibility, design, customisation, mobility and swiftness.

With the different Kubikat models, transform into reality your actions of street marketing, road shows, brand promotion, mobile stage, studio for live shows, travelling exhibition or any other purpose you can think of.

KUBIKAT, the only limit: IMAGINATION


Sustainable ephemeral space, with totally automatic opening and closing by means of a touch screen and with energy autonomy thanks to the solar panels system. Customisable both outside and inside, easily transported and in operation in less than 5 minutes. 

Useful area: from 15 m2 to 65 m2 

Sustainable ephemeral space, with manual opening and closing, light and easily transported. For those who require a total opening that enables a 360º visitor flow. For those who need 100% versatility Kubikat Box has 7 doors: 3 upper doors + 3 lower doors + 1 entry and exit door.

Useful area: from 15 m2 to 30 m2 

Sustainable, with automatic opening and closing by means of touch screen and with energy autonomy. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor events, KUBIKAT DUPLO, a pop-up store with multiple accesories, provides more than 60 m2 of showroom for your products, a space where to carry out the best experiantial marketing, an innovative and multifunctional stand, and with infinite possibilities for it to completely adapt to your requirements.

Useful area: from 60 m2 to 127 m2 

Easy to transport and install. It is practical and light. Manual opening and closing of its three upper sides achieving 10m of perimeter bar/ countertop.

Useful area: from 15 m2, including a warehouse of 5 m2  

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What do we offer?
shipping containers for Events and Road shows
container transformation for events kubikat studio 


KUBIKAT producción integral, logística de los contenedores stand customizados hasta el espacio a exponer
Customisation - Vinyl application
contenedor para stand hyundai en el RALLY RACC de Costa Daurada
Audiovisuals, Sound and lighting
rent shipping containers for events kubikatstudio.com
Specialised technical support
technical equipment for events kubikatstudio
Accesories and Furniture
EUSKALTEL-en-el-BBK-con-KUBIKAT-contenedor-para-eventos-en-BILBAO-alquiler de mobilario para eventos contenedores transformados
Mejor producto para eventos 2014

Best product for events 2014

Best product for ADVERTISING presentation 2013

To the best innovation in events 2013

To the best ephemeral advertising built element 2013

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